Things to do in July!

Thought I should share these topical tips!

Outdoor direct sowing:-

Make your last sowings of Beetroot, so they are mature for autumn. A good variety is ‘Bortardy’ or try ‘Golden Burpee’ or a Rainbow mix for something a little different.

If you have room you can also sow the last of the french and runner beans, which will extend your season. Dwarf varieties of French beans are nice compact plants without the need of messing around erecting supports. Also ´Hestia´ is a dwarf stringless runner bean, which sounds very interesting.

Last chance to sow peas before the first frosts, Kelvdon Wonder is a hardy compact, good all round variety for cropping in autumn.

You can also squeeze in a sowing of fast-maturing carrots such as ‘Amsterdam Forcing’ and ´Early Nantes 5´

Sow Kohl rabi for a harvest in 8-9 weeks. Try ‘Kolibri’ or ‘White Vienna’ . If you haven’t tried them before give them a whirl, kohl rabi is an amazing looking veg!

Sow Aramanth (callaloo) it has lovely nutritious leaves, there is green variety and a red variety, (also found in the Andean Superfood seed mix) and if you are in the South you can try the Rasta Callaloo (tricolour) a stunning plant of yellow, red and green leaves (see piccy). Very tender, but worth the effort.

July is the time to sow Pak Choi. Once we pass the midsummer point they are less likely to bolt. Also try Tatsoi, Kailan and Choy Sum. Sutton’s do a stir-fry mix of these which is a ‘cut and come again’. They should be up and ready within 3-4 weeks, and you will get three croppings.

And staying with the stir fry theme, sow radicchio for colour, and of course spinach. You can also sow perpetual spinach for winter cropping.

Also sow chinese cabbages to use as baby ones, or allow to grow to full size.

Continuing sowing spring onions for quick cropping, and sow radishes every few weeks.

Obviously lettuce and salad leaves are good to go, just keep cropping and sowing regularly.

Direct sow turnips now. Lots of varieties, but Snowball is my favorito! Picked small, delicious. They do need to be keep moist, so water well in hot spells.

And don’t forget the humble chard, sow now for a big crop next Spring. Rainbow lights will give great colour and winter-interest for your garden.

Sow your Spring cabbages for planting out later on, as your space starts to free up. They will be ready in Spring. ‘Durham Early’ is a good choice.

Herbs: Sow Basil in pots to keep on your patio now. Also sow Coriander, Dill and Parsley in pots.

Planting out!

Now is the time to plant out your Kale, (that you sowed in May/June). Winter Cabbages, Sprouting Broccoli, Calabrese and hardy Cauliflowers.

Brussel Spouts need planting out in the first half of the month, so don’t leave it any later. It’s also the last call to plant out the Leeks you have been growing. If you didn’t grow any leeks, winter cabbages etc. don’t worry you can try and pick up a tray in local nursery or garden centre.

Hat-tip to Martin, for mentioning Christmas dinner potatoes. Start looking out for cold storage seed potatoes (they are fridgerated during Summer) in nurseries and online. They can be sown in bags during August for your Xmas spuds.

Hat-tip to Phil , with variety recommendations for sowing direct now.

Kohl Rabi – ‘Purple delicacy’ Beetroot – ‘Detroit red’
Turnip – ‘Gold ball’ and ‘Tokyo market’
Spinach – ‘Amazon’
Lettuce – ‘Little Gem’ and ‘Salad bowl’
Chicory – ‘Rossa Di Treviso Precoce’
Rocket – ‘Wild Rocket’
Chinese Cabbage – ‘Chinese Wong Bok’
Cabbage – ‘April’
Kohl Rabi – ‘Purple Delicacy’
Pak Choi ‘Yuushou’ and ‘Green Revolution’
Beetroot – ‘Wodan’

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