June 28th General Meeting

It was so nice to able to finally get so many of us together at the same time and place for a change (whilst still socially distancing).

Attended by Chair Charmaine Evans, Secretary Kerri Slater, Treasurer Hallam Thorley and 11 additional members.

Meeting opened with brief introduction of new and old members.

The 10 actions from the previous meeting have all been completed.

Agenda Points.

  1. How to move forward after the easing of lockdown restrictions.
  2. Projects to be planned and initiated:-
    Renovation of lower poly tunnel, big project needing input from multiple people over the summer.
    Fencing and gate around the pond below pumpkin patch.
    Modular irrigation system to be designed, including first stage for poly tunnels.
    Gate, steps with handrail and noticeboard for main entrance.
    Permaculture project including Hugelkultur beds and food forest.
    Designing a bee garden for the area previously used as a chicken run.
    New chicken project in pumpkin patch.
    Outside kitchen including rocket style pizza oven.
    Recycling and composting area to be completed.
    Guttering to be reattached to log-cabin.
    New tap on sink.
    Plant signs to be made and distributed.
  3. How to define our community?
    How to improve on just benefiting volunteers and local food banks.
    Opportunities to increase diversity and accessibility.
  4. Start to plan the autumn planting schedule.
  5. Grants and fundraising opportunities.

Meeting concluded.

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