WCFP General Meeting 26/07/2020

Apologies: Aidan, Lucy J, Fiona, Caro, Julia, Daniele, Jan, Sofia, Sarah.

Attendance: Kerry/secretary, Jane, Les, Lucy E, Hallam/treasurer, Darren, Karin, Sarah M, Simon, Helen, Sean, Charmaine/chair.

Minutes taken by: Charmaine

Minutes of the last meeting approved.

Actions completed since last meeting:-

  • Both grapevines have new supports.
  • Plans made for irrigation system infrastructure.
  • Connections made with Tim at Brighton Table Tennis Club.
  • New sign for project.
  • Ability to extend sign information when lockdown eases.
  • Tools sharpened.
  • Autumn crops list acquired.
  • Good connection made with Craven Vale Food Kitchen where food is delivered on a weekly basis. Free meals to local people during Covid crisis. Gleaner to be employed via Craven vale from 24/08/2020.

Agenda Items:
A vote took place to extend roles on Committee and the following people have been appointed:
1) Lucy Edwards: Diversity Co-ordinator.
2) Jan Phillipson: Safeguarding and Early Years Co-ordinator.
3) Dr Tapiwa Moffatt: Accessibility Co-ordinator.

Agreement made that Lucy F will write the Diversity Policy. And a request that Jan will updates the Safeguarding Policy.

Hal put forward a motion that for The Project to reach and benefit the wider community to its fullest potential we should apply for funding. Some of the funding should be used to employ key people who manage The Project; who regularly run volunteer days, co-ordinate with community groups, schedule meetings, buy equipment, plan planting schemes, source plants and seeds. Furthermore community groups using the site should pay rent to use it and those running workshops should also pay a fee. This was unanimously agreed.

According to BHCC 1231 people on waiting list for Whitehawk Hill Allotments. Hal suggested we offer a space where we educate and train people on how to effectively run an allotment. BHCC could then link what we offer into their strategies.

Charmaine said Cravenvale are cooking over 100 meals weekly. The Edge are distributing 160 food packages weekly. We could offer a collection point for excess produce from others sites on Whitehawk and Craven Vale allotments to improve the quantity of fresh food being donated.

Hal will email site reps with requests to forward this to plot holders. Charmaine will put notices on the 7 gates on the site.

Gleaner employed by BHAF to start on 24/08/20. Phil from the Vale kitchen has agreed to collect excess on Thursdays at 6.40pm, until gleaner can start. Charmaine to make posters for 7 gates of the site, under Share your Surplus scheme suggested by Phil from The Vale food kitchen.

Helen suggested requesting a visit from Bruce Riach head of Brighton and Hove allotments so that he could see recent progress since former decline.

Visitor book for comments and ideas about the project to be acquired. Comments can be used on website.

Due to recent break-in a more secure padlock has been installed.

Grants to be applied for: Chalk Cliff Trust, Sussex Crisis Fund, East Brighton Trust, Sussex General Awards.

Charmaine has written to B&Q for donations and emailed Infinity Foods re their £500 community fund.

Kerry is researching a list of bee friendly flowers.

Sean has agreed to train people on bee keeping short term.

Chickens to arrive in October under Josie Darling and Mark’s supervision.

Sarah who was unable to attend meeting forwarded her thoughts: “Great as it is for food production for community cafe I don’t think the quantity of food we produce will ever be that huge (apart from pumpkins) and they tend to get a lot of food that would be wasted donated from supermarkets anyway. I think our greater impact can be spreading the pleasures of the plot who have no outdoor space, maybe running groups for different people on different days and them taking home produce they have had a hand in growing. Perhaps we can arrange a visit to Plot 22 or Moulsecoomb Forest Garden if people are interested.”

Meeting concludes.

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