Just a quick post to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of Chimmi’s leadership! On the 27th October 2019, we elected her as Chair, plus Kerry as secretary and myself as treasurer, full of enthusiasm and ideas of how to rescue the WCFP from its decline. Despite the challenging circumstances, we’ve achieved so much!

Today, the East Brighton Food Co-operative kitchen at Roberts Lodge is cooking for 170 people using leeks, squash and marrows grown by our volunteers.

As I type this, Chimmi is busy running one of our 4 weekly volunteer sessions and cooking up a healthy warming stew, in our shelter for those on site. I’m sat at home in the warm with the kids looking at a Demi-John of cider from one of our apple-juicing days!

We are also running a very popular chutney making session tomorrow evening at Craven Vale Community kitchen. This helped us raise an incredible £445 from donations at our recent harvest fundraising stall.
We’ve also had financial support from Infinity Foods, Wild Cherry and Hilly Laine. Sussex Community Foundation has provided a grant that has enabled us to buy a brand new chicken enclosure and we are enjoying the honey from our recently secured and active bee hives.

We somehow managed to also; recover 2 poly-tunnels, fence off 2 ponds, build a composting and recycling area, install a children’s climbing frame with slide and swing, build a new potting table, gates, benches and planters, cut new paths, prune over 100 fruit trees, coppice hazel and trim hedges!
And occasionally fit in some gardening!

Our rescheduled AGM is now on the 15th November, at 3pm on site, where the members will vote on altering our constitution, changing the status of the WCFP from a not-for-profit community association to that of a charitable organisation.
I think it’s incredible what we’ve achieved together, working as a team and I wish the good ship WCFP and all her crew, the very best for the future!

One thought on “Congratulations!

  1. Great to celebrate all we have done. Thanks so much to everyone who has worked together in a real community to achieve so much .
    Chimmy !


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