Special General Meeting 25/10/2020

Apologies – Sarah Gorton, Les, Fiona, Mary

Members Attended.
Charmaine Evans (Chair)
Kerry Slater (Secretary)
Hallam Thorley (Treasurer)
Lucy Edwards 
Jan Phillipson
Naomi Lester
Rachel Robertson
Matt Allen
Mark Elliston
Hazel Latner
Michele King
Caroline Law

What we have achieved this year.
A new membership form was introduced in line with GDPR last October 2019 – Since then our membership base has grown to 92 current members,
A membership card with date and membership number is being introduced to facilitate annual renewal.
£1.00 Annual membership fee remains the same.
In line with COVID-19 regulations a QR code is prominently displayed and a register of attendees is kept for every session.
The WCFP Bank Account has been unfrozen.
The WCFP Constitution has been kept the same for continuity but is now easily accessed on website, as well as code of conduct.
Regular site surveys are completed by site manager to assess and minimise risks 
Risk assessments have been completed for all activities held on the site including potential Forest school activities, as a result of this we were able to reinstate the Public liability Insurance last October, allowing us to reopen the Project to the Public.
Grant applied for with some success-(Infinity Foods & Healthy Neighbourhood fund, Sussex Community Foundation)
Correspondence initiated with council, a new address supplied for correspondence and requests made for head of allotments to visit site. 
Contact has been made with Allotment Federation as well as site reps. Share your surplus scheme initiated on site.

Polytunnel recovered and wooden structure restored.
Perimeter of site cut back twice to improve access,
Hazel trees coppiced, to be used for fencing to improve site boundary.
Extensive work with bees to prevent hive collapsing after loss of queen, several of membership trained in basic beekeeping by experienced beekeeper.
Some signage (to be completed)
Pond cleared of bullrushes after consultation with Sussex Wildlife Trust pond survey completed and fenced to improve safety.
Mud kitchen (to be completed)
Donations of food grown on project to food kitchens 
Chutney and jam making group established to prevent food waste and raise funds
Pathways made to aid with access (ongoing) and beds restored.
Play structure erected in children’s area.

Outstanding tasks from last years AGM
On site emergency action plan 
Stock take of tools 

What we want to achieve
To reduce risk, Improve safety, improve access

Gate and fence around the pond will be made non-child accessible and appropriate signage will be displayed on entrance to the site.
Signage for gates /play equipment, 
To fix decking area next to hut and lower polytunnel door
Make better base for bee hives
When working on site on tasks which carry risk, the proper safety gear will be worn. (This will be outlined in site policies)
Build an accessible entrance path for buggies /disabled access
To monitor compost toilet and clean 
To build a rainwater gravity fed irrigation system
Erect chicken pen and build coop once chicken site preparation completed

To increase/develop groups using site

Hal has offered to bring his previous skills and knowledge to develop one quarter of the site for children’s use. 
Suggested groups for future include parent/toddler group, Forest school, local schools, Home Education, cooking group

There are issues arising from discussion concerning ways of funding this resource.
Hal suggested donations for non-hosted (unsupervised) use at £10 per hour & hosted use at £30 per hour.
This may present difficulties for some groups and will need further discussion /negotiation.
Groups wishing to use the space will need to submit a written proposal for how they intend to use the space as well as written risk assessments e.g. safe use of fire pit and signed agreements to follow the projects code of conduct.
It was strongly pointed out that this criterion must be fulfilled including costs, as without it we cannot accept a group on site from a safety, insurance and liability point of view. 

Lengthy discussion with Home Ed Group representatives- see full minutes
First aid provision/emergency action plan

First aid box and portable bag are on site.
Jan Phillipson is Paediatric First aid trained and will check first aid box and bag on a monthly basis.
Incident book to be placed in First aid box

AGM Meeting 15.11.20
Annual Report/Accounts Audit 

Application for charity status- (charity status will require amendment to constitution)
It was agreed to post on website what applying for charity status will mean, so that members can vote at the A.G.M
Re-elect Management Committee – Julia has stepped down.

New ideas development
Cooking group using produce from project on Thursdays with Kerry – “Plot to Plate”
Sharing recipes and cooking together
Build Pizza oven /Mark has offered wood burning stove

Update of membership forms;
Add health needs 
Add code of conduct to sign
Annual rolling membership – £1.00 per annum from 1st of the month that member joins 
Members to sign new form

Meeting concludes.

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