WCFP Annual General Meeting

Minutes of AGM Zoom Meeting on 22nd November 2020

Chairmaine Evans
Hallam Thorley
Lucy Edwards
Jan Phillipson
Ieva Chaleckyte
Emily Manley and Poppy.
Apologies – Kerry Slater.

Zoom Meeting Opened

Agenda Point 1 – Health and Safety

Emergency Evacuation for site, First Aid Box and Incident Book.
Emergency Action Plan for evacuating the site was discussed.
Emergency Location “3 word” reference for site is: “ EAGER, POKER, TEACH”
Agreed that we need an Incident Book.
Agreed that we need an more organised First Aid Box, and a member to keep it updated.
Discussed – Members with current First Aid Certificates are needed.

Agenda Point 2 – Revoting Committee and Nominations

Management Committee – Revoted
Charmaine Evans – Chair
Hallam Thorley – Treasurer
Kerry Slater – Secretary
Jan Phillipson – Safeguarding Officer
Tapiwa Moffatt – Accessibility Coordinator
Lucy Edwards – Diversity Officer
New Nominations
Niko Reay – Social Media Advisor
Cecilia Farrell – Forest School Advisor (Position Declined)
Agreed: We need a Horticulture Advisor.

Agenda Point 3 – Membership Forms

Agreed: To keep annual membership fee at £1 for over 18’s. Junior members are free but cannot vote.
New Membership forms need to be signed and to include:
1) Site Rules & Covid-19 policy to be adhered to.
2) The ethos and objectives of the Constitution should be followed..
3) The Code of Conduct must be observed.
4) Membership forms to include “Any allergies/medical information “ tick box.
Agreed: Our database will never be shared. Medical Information of members will not be kept, but the tick box can alert session leaders that volunteers might have allergies or limitations that need to be taken into consideration.

Agenda Point 4 – Reaffirm Constitution and Charity Status

Constitution was reaffirmed.
Hallam has been receiving free legal advice from the Community Works lawyer on becoming a Charitable Incorporated Company.
The legal tenancy of the site must be established first.
It is not advised to change from an Unincorporated Community Association into a Charitable Incorporated Company until the tenancy is agreed.

Agenda Point 5 – Members’ Involvement

Involving members with roles and responsibility:
Charmaine suggested we involve members by requesting their help for roles and responsibilities on our WhatsApp Group.
Jan suggested a “wish-list” is added to website.
Hallam agreed to design a “wish-list” page for the website, which can then be copied and pasted into the WhatsApp group.

Agenda point 6 – Fundraising

Hallam has started a database of potential funders and grants. Please contact him directly if you can help or become aware of potential sources of funding.
We have applied for £500 from Due East.
We have applied for £1000 from East Brighton Trust.
Chalk Cliff Trust has potential funding, for up to £3,000.
Community foundation may be reapplied to for funding in January 2021.
Jan suggested Community Works may be able to help with fundraising applications.
Charmaine suggested The Resource Centre for information on funders.

Agenda Point 7 – Annual Report and Accounts

Hallam will post the Annual Report on the website.
Hallam has completed the End of Year Accounts and Balance Sheet for WCFP to 31/10/2020 and gave a break down of the accounts; expenditures and income.
Our current balance is £3,627.52, so we are solvent and can pay upcoming bills.
Richard Balmer has kindly examined our accounts and signed them off.

Agenda Point 8 – Actions for coming year

  • Bees – more hives, education, planning and planting a bee-friendly garden.
  • The new Chicken Run is nearing completion, the rota and equipment to be organised and chickens installed.
  • First Aider to be nominated and trained.
  • Training to be paid for by the project.
  • Designated mobile phone for the Volunteer Coordinators.
  • CCTV for site for security reasons and wildlife observation.
  • Improved accessibility and security of the site.
  • Irrigation system designed and installed on site.
  • Signage – A main noticeboard and external signs.
  • Regular Committee meetings to be held on Zoom during restrictions.
  • Specified quarterly general meetings. The next one is 24/01/21.
  • Fundraising Stall provisionally – 12/12/20.
  • Rubbish heap to be cleared by a contractor – please help put everything that is to leave the site in that location as soon as possible.
  • Work on paths to continue over winter, need lots of wood chip.
  • Ernie’s gates to be installed.
  • Fruit trees need attention, there will be a pruning workshop in January.

One thought on “WCFP Annual General Meeting

  1. Great job. Well done to everyone in the past, in the now and in the future for their fantastic contributions to WCFP. A very productive year. Here’s to a brilliant upcoming year.

    Liked by 1 person

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